2023 Goals… I don’t think so!

Goodbye 2022. You’ve been… unexpected.

I’m not going to sugar-coat it; 2022 was NOT the year for Squiggles & Ink that I had hoped. I’m not sure whose year it was, because as far as I can see it sucked hard for so many and next year isn’t looking too hot either at this point 😬 But, we move.

At the end of 2021 I set myself some pretty ambitious goals for the year ahead and to be honest I’m not sure I achieved a single one. This is the post I shared on this day last year:

I’m not going to go through each point in turn, because nobody needs to wallow in my self pity but me, but it’s safe to say that after my first t-shirt collection absolutely flopped – like so hard I almost quit right then 😭 – I lost the joy a bit and it’s taken me a while to recover.

All is not lost, however! I did achieve some things this year and for these I am immensely proud.

  • I built and launched my own website. That was a learning curve and a half and I still don’t really have a clue what I’m doing but it works.
  • I tried something new – alcohol inks – and I really enjoyed creating again. There is something really satisfying about making art this way but equally terrifying and you never quite know how they are going to turn out. Next up I’m going to have a go at lino printing.
  • I sent my youngest off to primary school and my biggest moved from infants to juniors. I am so proud of how they have both handled the transitions; seeing their love of learning brings me all the joy.

And so instead of goals for 2023 I am simply choosing a word that I want to embrace this year. I have a couple of words floating around but I think I’ve decided. Come back next week to find out what it is.

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