The Power of Pink

Are you a pink person? Or do you steer clear?

For many years I gave pink a wide berth – it always felt far too girly for me and as a teen I spent much of my time getting messy with painting and building theatre scenery it seemed like an unnecessary addition to my wardrobe of blues and greys. But I think I just hadn’t found the right shade for me. So if you’re not a “pink person” then hear me out – it isn’t just all delicate and feminine, there is power and confidence to be found if you pick the right hue.

We all know that each colour has a different meaning and can evoke certain feelings or emotions – take a look at the infographic below from DesignMantic for a quick overview – and while pink is generally associated with “cute” and “feminine”, bringing images of babies and flowers, candy floss and romance, those words do not resonate with me AT ALL but these days I do wear a fair amount of pink… who’d a thunk it?!

Cute and feminine are not dirty words; far from it, but they also aren’t the only ways to use pink. It is a versatile colour that also signifies hope, life, self-love and it is currently having it’s moment to signify strength and power.

So if pink isn’t your natural go-to colour, how do you wear it without feeling like you’ve been thrown up on by Barbie? Though if that is the look that you’re going for then more power to you (Christine Quinn of Selling Sunset, I’m looking at you!). It’s all about knowing what you’re looking for and finding the right shade; for example, pale/nude pinks do not suit me, they wash me out and make me look ill, but give me a bright magenta or deep mulberry or even a brilliant coral and suddenly I feel more radiant and confident.

Not that I wear it as an entire outfit – it’s still usually paired with more muted blues or greys – but I’m certainly becoming bolder with my colour choices and have started bringing that into the offerings here at Squiggles & Ink with some new coloured t-shirts, including a gorgeous Hot Pink shade.

Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude!

Miley Cyrus

But if you’re used to a wardrobe of neutrals it might feel too much to dive straight into that head-to-toe pink look that has dominated the red carpets lately. My advice would be to start small; find some accessories, a pair of shoes, some nail varnish or just a few ink splats on your white tee to experiment with and build from there. Small pops of colour are an easy route to injecting some fun into your everyday. Who knows, you might become a pink person after all!

The moral of this story is wear what makes you feel good and don’t be afraid to experiment a little with the unexpected – it might just be the thing to lift your mood and brighten your day.

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