Squiggles & Ink zipped pouch with crown design - contents spilled onto floor

Reminding you to stand tall and wear that crown!

Surrounded by strong women (and men) growing up I always had a certain level of confidence and determination to push myself forward, even if I didn’t know exactly where I was headed; but in adulthood that confidence dwindled and I doubted myself and my abilities, and I could see and hear the same from many of
my peers.

The year 2020 will go down in history as one of the hardest years ever (thanks COVID!) but it also gave me the perspective I needed to quit my job and pursue my creative passions full time. Squiggles & Ink was created from the desire to remind people that they are deserving, worthy and enough. Always. And I hope my designs go some way to doing that.

Woman wearing glasses looking at the camera. Wearing t-shirt with "always enough" slogan


We believe in the individual. Every one of us has a light to shine and we want to be your cheerleader, encouraging you to be yourself; a friendly voice pushing you forward; a warm hug when you need reminding that you are enough, just as you are.

We believe in freedom to make your own choices, to forge your own path to be unapologetically who we are right now and to show that by the clothes that you wear.

We believe in evolution; everything changes and that’s OK.

We believe in fun. Not everything in life can be fun but we can bring joy into every day.